Archineering, An Art and Architectural Project from Viro


Viro’s Archineering consists of completely-customizable building applications.


Archineering by Viro _ The Premiere Provider of Environmentally Friendly All-Weather Synthetic  Wicker and Thatch


Using innovative techniques to ensure a totally unique product, Archineering engineers work closely with architects and creativity to imagine and build compelling decorative, architectural elements.


At Viro, our capabilities can encompass any large-scale and/or complex project. Viro is proud to be considered a sought-after collaborator amongst today's design communities.


Made of UL/ASTM Class A fire-rated HDPE, not PVC, Viro Archineering supports green building, which the material does not produce toxin and 100% recyclable.  Its durability is evidenced by its weather resistance and, in particular, its highly tested ability to withstand UV rays. Through intensive quality control Virofiber used in Viro Archineering passed ignitability test in accordance with IMO Res. A. 652(16).


Viro Archineering features include:

  • Totally maintenance free.
  • Does not chip, peel, fade, or discolor in the elements.
  • Resists termites and other pests.
  • All weather resistant.
  • Available with built-in flame retardant formulation.


Viro is the premier provider of high-end, synthetic fiber, wicker, and thatch. Founded by Junus Sumardi in the early 1980s, this family run company is based in Indonesia, with factories in Indonesia and China.


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