Archineering by Viro Features on Kirana Dome Project


Viro Installs Archineering as Dome Fabricator at Lenggang River in East Belitung.


Kirana Dome, Archineering product in Belitung


Viro, the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly all-weather wicker, announces another highly-customizable product of Viro's Archineering, an innovative and creative woven treatment.


Viro understands chemical sensitivity, energy efficiency and the environmental impact of this product. The materials are made from HDPE instead of PVC. This choice is significant because, while PVC is less expensive, there is a caustic problem associated with PVC at the end of the product lifecycle. When PVC is burned, it will break down to toxic chemicals such as dioxin and hydrochloric acid. The by-product of HDPE on the other hand is similar to what is produced by burning candle, CO2 and H2O.


Archineering by Viro, Kirana Dome in Belitung


Its durability is evidenced by its weather resistance and, in particular, its highly tested ability to withstand UV rays. Through intensive quality control Virofiber used in Viro's Archineering passed ignitability test in accordance with IMO Res. A. 652(16).


Lenggang is popular tourist destination in East Belitung, due to the location nears the replica of Laskar Pelangi Elementary School, popularized by literary novel with same title. Architects, Dani Hermawan, Carolina Djunaedi, Bondan Petra, Wilson Tungajaya collaborated with PT. Polymindo Permata, Viro, to create the dome fabricator, named Kirana Dome, installed along the Lenggang riverside.


The project was coincident with the occurrence of a total lunar eclipse is right crossing over the island of Belitung, Indonesia, in March 2016. This opportunity was given by PBS to Formologix and decided to collaborate with Viro to conduct and implement a design research of a modular architecture.


Some of the revolutionary and innovative design features of Viro's Archineering are:

  • Totally maintenance free.
  • Does not mold, rot, decay or shed.
  • Resists termites, birds and other pests.
  • Does not fade or discolor in the elements, and maintains the beautiful authentic color.
  • Built-in flame retardant formulation.
  • 100% recyclable material.


Viro is the premier provider of high-end, synthetic fiber, wicker and thatch. Highly customizable, Viro's signature all-weather fiber products are used by top designers and architects worldwide. Founded by Junus Sumardi in the early 1980s the family run company is based in Indonesia, with factories in Indonesia and China.


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