Archineering by Viro Provides Woven Outdoor Decoration for Lavon Swan City


Viro, the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly all-weather wicker, announces another highly-customizable product of Archineering by Viro, an innovative and creative woven treatment.


Viro understands chemical sensitivity, energy efficiency and the environmental impact of this product. The materials are made from new material of HDPE instead of PVC. This choice is significant because, while PVC is less expensive, there is a caustic problem associated with PVC at the end of the product lifecycle. When PVC is burned, it will break down to toxic chemicals such as dioxin and hydrochloric acid. The by-product of HDPE on the other hand is similar to what is produced by burning candle, CO2 and H2O.


Its durability is evidenced by its weather resistance and, in particular, its highly tested ability to withstand UV rays. Hence, Archineering by Viro is compatible to outdoor woven decoration. 


Lavon Swan City set an attractive ethnic decoration at marketing gallery area. Lavon Swan City is a new residence in Cikupa Tangerang , Indonesia. They have artificial lake with some swans, parks, swimming pool, and deck with beautiful scenery. With the specification of Viro’s wicker and the capability of its engineering, Lavon Swan City made the entire wicker decoration with Viro fiber.


The three columns wall decoration welcomes the visitors at the main gate of marketing gallery. The left and right column is a woven panel with basket weave pattern. In the middle column, palm tree and dolphin panels were woven with Viro fiber red pine color.


Walk to the pool, woven dome stands between two pools. On the edge of lake, swan cages are built by using Virobamboo, an environmentally friendly all-weather bamboo. There is a deck in another side of the lake. A Big Table sunshade tent is installed on the deck. It is a sunshade tent made of a woven frame, and gives a big table shape. Along the park side road, around the lake, there are some crazy weaving balls. It is a woven ball with unique weaving pattern and off-white color. Walk through the mock-up houses, the symbol of Lavon Swan City poses at a park corner. It is a swan sculpture made of woven frame with swan shape.


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