Virofence, The All-Weather Wicker Fence


Viro, The Leading Manufacturer Of Environmentally Friendly All-Weather Wicker, Is Introducing Another Highly-Customizable Product, Virofence, Used For Decorative Or Structural Elements.


Virofence - Environmentally Friendly All Weather Wicker


Virofence is made from Virofiber with basket weaving pattern and using special Virofence system fiber. The fiber is 100% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which means it is non-toxic. It does not contain any plasticizer unlike PVC.


Virofence is also environmentally friendly- it is long lasting and 100% recyclable. Its durability is evidenced by its weather resistance and, in particular, its highly tested ability to withstand UV rays. The fiber has been through intensive quality control.


Virofence - Environmentally Friendly All Weather Wicker


No toxic chemicals are needed to maintain the product – It is easy to clean using mild soap and pest and fungus free. The installation and assembly are easy.


Virofence features include:

  • Totally maintenance free.
  • Does not chip, peel, fade, or discolor in the elements.
  • Resists termites and other pests.
  • Water and all weather resistant.
  • Available with built-in flame retardant formulation.

Viro is the premier provider of high-end, synthetic fiber, wicker, and thatch. Founded by Junus Sumardi in the early 1980s, this family run company is based in Indonesia, with factories in Indonesia and China. 


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