Viromat, The Functional and Decorative Wicker Mat


Introducing Another Highly-Customizable Product, Viromat, Used For Functioning And Decorative Applications.


Viromat_Synthetic Wicker Mat_Hyacinth Mat


With new creative method and manufacturing, Viromat was created from the most natural looking synthetic fiber.


Viromat is a durable product perfect for carpet or sisal, can be used for indoor or outdoor purpose. Custom made and available in a variety of sophisticated and natural color ways. This age-defying beautiful woven mat is made from HDPE instead of PVC. It means that Viromat is non-toxic and environmental friendly.


Viromat Rectangle Custom Size


Viro replicates the beauty of tropical water hyacinth in their environmentally friendly all-weather wicker and applies it into Viromat.


Viromat features include:

• Totally maintenance free.

• Washable.

• Resists termites and other pests.

• Does not fade or discolor in the element. 

• Weather resistant.


Viro is the premier provider of high-end, synthetic fiber, wicker, and thatch. Founded by Junus Sumardi in the early 1980s, this family run company is based in Indonesia, with factories in Indonesia and China. 


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