Virothatch Covers Landmark Bali Sheraton Kuta Resort

PT Enviro Tec Indonesia used Virothatch for Beachwalk Bali
Image by PT Enviro Tec Indonesia



Viro is proud to announce a new era in eco-friendly resort development, as they were recommended by PT Enviro Tec architects for the installation of Virothatch roof cover in the Sheraton Kuta Lifestyle resort mega-development in Bali, Indonesia. PT Enviro Tec Indonesia is the architectural design consultant who was solely responsible to coming up with the roof design concept using an eco-friendly roof product. PT Enviro Tec Indonesia & Viro worked hand in hand to create a new era of “Alang-Alang” roof panel system.


The project is part of a 5.2 hectares lifestyle hub called Beachwalk which spreads along a 250 meter stretch of the Kuta beach. The first corner stone project is to test the scaling of the thatch compound and production. And for Virofiber, the Sheraton project fit the stated timetable in 2012 to gain operational experience and create a platform for further development.


PT Enviro Tec Indonesia use Virothatch for Beachwalk
Image by PT Enviro Tec Indonesia



Completed in August 2012, PT Indonesian Paradise Island had invested $70 million dollars to transform the former space of the Hotel Sahid Raya Kuta into the Sheraton Kuta Lifestyle Resort and developed the Beachwalk around it.


Viro was responsible for the complete thatch roof system for the Beachwalk and Resort complex. Supplying 110,000 Sq Ft of Virothatch sub roof cover with roof membrane provided by Soprema. This mega-project was built with growing environmental concerns in Bali and a complete green build. All materials used by the architect are 100% environmentally friendly.


Virofiber provides the first ever developed synthetic thatch with an UL/ASTM Class A fire-rated HDPE. This project is the first non PVC, Non Halogenated synthetic thatch product in the world that can pass ASTM E108 Class A with a 20 years limited application warranty. The benefits of Non PVC and Non Halogenated is that this product is more environmentally friendly and safer in case of fire. It does not create toxic smoke. Virothatch is a non-PVC Polyolefin product that performs without any of the known environmental hazards.


PT Enviro Tec Indonesia use Virothatch for Beachwalk
Image by PT Enviro Tec Indonesia


In addition, this complex has added a 200-room five-star mid-market chain hotel and highlighted by the anticipated, Beachwalk. The Beachwalk aims to be a high-end contemporary retail hub, featuring over 200 retail and dining outlets and designed to respect Balinese art, culture and the island’s traditional way of life. Architecturally, the low-rise facility is said to have been inspired by the gentle contours of rice terraces that still abound in many parts of the world. PR for the development say it is, “Designed to honor Bali’s cultural and artistic heritage.”



PT Polymindo Permata is the manufacturer of Virothatch. Their signature all-weather fiber products are used by top designers and architects globally. The Sheraton Kuta Lifestyle Resort Project is being built using western standards and following green building codes.



Roofing materials from traditional natural thatch do not meet the strict building code standards because it is considered a fire hazard. All Viro products meet building codes and bring additional benefits and features that include:

•  maintenance free product

•  no termites or pest infestation

•  made with environmentally safe HDPE, not PVC

•  no seasonal shortages

• 100% recyclable


Resort developers are pledged to make a conscious effort to implement eco-friendly applications on the new projects. Built using locally sourced materials and recycled hardwoods, where open-air walkways cooled by sea breezes will automatically reduce the need for air-conditioning. Every effort will be taken to prevent the unnecessary cutting down of trees in the construction of the Sheraton Kuta Lifestyle Resort.


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