Founded  by Junus Sumardi in 1985, PT. Polymindo Permata is the prime producer of environmentally friendly all-weather wicker and thatch. PT. Polymindo Permata began as a synthetic extrusion specialist which was producing candy stick, straw, tube, hose to supply varies industries in Indonesia including of automotive industry.

PT. Polymindo Permata, launched as a brand Viro in 1998, is based in Indonesia and has gained a global market of furniture and tropical building industry in manufacturing new developed material all-weather wicker and thatch.

In the beginning of using synthetic alternatives material trend in tropical building industry, most of the market was still unaccustomed with synthetic wicker and thatch from new developed material of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). PT. Polymindo Permata had nevertheless started producing synthetic rattan/fiber, bamboo, thatch, and advanced to more innovative product under the brand Viro. We are confident that the material and technology we used will earn trust and loyalty from the market.

PT. Polymindo Permata aims to promote and preserve traditional aesthetics and architectures through improvement in material science and technology. By working together with professionalism, accuracy and productivity, our mission over the 13 years has remained clear:  being a provider of choice for the global tropical resort and theme park market by providing unprecedented product range, value, and creating a one stop shopping solution.

Today, when environmentally friendly synthetic material becomes popular among architects and designers, PT. Polymindo Permata have had a strong position in the industry with more than 100 projects around the world installed (both in residential and non-residential such as hotel, resorts, and theme park) and many international big brand furniture companies sourcing the fibers from us such as Manutti, B&B, MBM, Unopiu, Stern, and many more.

Viro is the first all-weather wicker that is inducted into the prestigious material library of Material ConneXion. The library has four locations worldwide: Milan, New York, Bangkok, Cologne.


In 2004, Virofiber was launched in US that introduced our original fiber collection, Polypeel, Polystrap, and Polyrod. Afterwards, PT. Polymindo Permata has been developing new various fibers’ collection consistently.  PT. Polymindo Permata worked with well-known designers on some occasions to release limited Virofiber’s collection.

In 2008, PT. Polymindo Permata introduced Virobuild, a new division of Viro. The highlight products are thatch and reed roofing system named Virothatch and Viroreed, wicker surface for wall and ceiling named Virosurface, synthetic bamboo for decorative purpose named Virobamboo, and an outdoor thatch and reed umbrella named Viroumbrella.

In 2012, PT. Polymindo Permata opened second factory in Taiwanese Investment Industrial District which has been manufacturing our fibers for furniture purpose, to cut the distribution cost and reduce carbon foot print as well.

PT. Polymindo Permata had been awarded the prestigious Primaniyarta Export Award for 2011, 2014, 2015 by the Department of Ministry in Indonesia. Primaniyarta is the highest award bestowed by the Indonesian Government to Indonesian exporters, who have performed best achievements in export performance, brand building and creative goods and services.

PT. Polymindo Permata firstly introduced Archineering in 2015, a new and one of a kind product line from Virobuild. Archineering consists of completely-customizable building applications, using innovative techniques to ensure a totally unique product. Archineering is one of architects’ favorite products because of its ability to work closely with creativity to imagine and build compelling decorative, architectural elements.

In 2015, Polymindo Permata also won Gold Award from The Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award as recognition of the excellence of companies that have been the most successful in continuously developing a stream of value-creating new products and services.