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Virothatch is a synthetic thatch made of HDPE and created to provide alternative thatch roofing which is more durable, safe, and environmental friendly.

VIROTHATCH BALI has a smooth surface and the fiber strands are a combination of natural tones of toasty brown, light tan and Ivory. This gives Bali a very natural dried thatch look.

VIROTHATCH JAVA has a textured surface. The fiber strands look like natural thatch with a rougher texture. The Java has a deeper range of browns and honey tones with darker textures.

HIP and EAVE is a part of Virothatch which is applied first over a metal frame to create Traditional Balinese roofing style. BROOM/EAVE overhangs the roof and creates a natural, varied edge. HIP Berawa spills over the Broom/Eave on each corner.