PT. Polymindo Permata intends to draw a powerful line between craftsmanship and technology to full satisfaction of our customers.



Our product uses HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) as main material and sources the raw material from a new 50/50 joint venture (JV) between RESIN and PT. Polymindo Permata, PT Resindo Compounding Technologies, which provides toll compounding, produces and sells standard compounds, and produces tailor-made compounds developed to our specifications. It diversifies Polymindo's own capabilities and product offerings for the local building & construction market.



The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has best characteristics of similar material; it is non-toxic, 100% recyclable, impact resistant, long lasting, and weather resistant. PT. Polymindo Permata has an ability to extrude the HDPE by design-assembling machine and machinery tooling. It allows us to design, create, and monitor the extrusion process from raw material, machine, to the output. We design every modification of fibers profile, dimension, and specification by own design capability.



We encourage not only the development of material and product; the technicians also become our concern in order to optimize the technology using. PT. Polymindo Permata provides continuous improvement trainings for our setters, while the operators receive appropriate training and matrix flexibility monitoring to prepare them to be a good setter.



PT. Polymindo Permata innovates special treatment for some products as availability. We produce built-in fire retardant (FR) formulation, anti-slip formulation, anti-chlorine formulation, anti-microbial formulation, and more that is available to request by our customer.



We have many different FR testing certifications from different countries and for diverse applications. For example, as we had done project for Enviro Tech to install synthetic thatch, Virothatch, roofing system on Beachwalk Bali and woven mat, Virosurface, on interior ceilings of Sheraton Sahid Kuta hotel lobby. The project is the first non PVC, non Halogenated synthetic thatch product in the world that can pass ASTM E108 Class A with a 20 years limited application warranty. Virothatch roofing system participated in ASTM Test Method E108-11 in 2013, held by QAI Laboratory in the United State of America. This test method is comparable to the Standard Specification 790 of the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and the Uniform Building Code, Standard No. 15-2.

Meanwhile in Europe, in building sector, the fire reaction test has standard which is EN 13501-1 tests, according to the European Regulation on Construction Products (SBI, flooring radiant panel, small burner, etc.). As Viro want to spread the business wider, we decided to have our Virothatch roofing system tested by LICOF, Centre for Fire Testing and Research of The Spanish Association for the Promotion of Research and Fire Safety Technology "AFITI", and successfully passed on December 13th 2016.



PT. Polymindo Permata equips the products to suit outdoor purpose. Our products are formulated with long time UV durability and have been tested.  We produce anti-chlorine products by order so it can be more durable to install the products near swimming pool, sea, or other chlorine contained areas.

Furthermore, we participated in weathering test EMMAQUA (Equatorial mount with mirror for acceleration with water). The test was located in Arizona for High UV exposure, sprayed with water to simulate humid as Florida condition. Viro fiber was tested for 1 year which is equivalent to approximately 5 years of actual exposure (depending on location). Viro also performed accelerated weathering using Xenon Beta LM as well as various mechanical and chemical resistance testing.



For our Viroforms multifunction basket products, PT. Polymindo Permata creates a typical fiber that has been tested in TUV SUD PSB Pte. Ltd. Laboratory according to BS EN 1186-3:2002 which is a test method for overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by total immersion, and according to BS EN 1186-2:2002 which is a test method for overall migration into olive oil by total immersion.

Viro synthetic rattan/fiber meets the overall migration requirement under commission directive 2002/72/EC.



PT. Polymindo Permata has a capability not only to do in-house manufacturing, but also holds in-house FR test, in-house drafting, in-house metal working, and in-house testing such as tensile durability test.