Polymindo Permata is the prime producer of environmentally friendly all-weather wicker and thatch. It was founded by Junus Sumardi in 1985 and launched as a brand named Viro.

Based in Indonesia, PT. Polymindo Permata has gained a global market of furniture and tropical building industry in manufacturing new developed material all-weather wicker and thatch.

In the beginning of using synthetic alternatives material trend in tropical building industry, most of the market was still unaccustomed with synthetic wicker and thatch from new developed material of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). PT. Polymindo Permata had nevertheless started producing synthetic rattan/fiber, bamboo, thatch, and advanced to more innovative products under the brand Viro. 

Viro is indeed not the first architectural company that carries an eco friendly theme, but by developing handicrafts with rapid technological advances, we can create buildings with aesthetic values that are environmentally friendly but have high quality and also have a modern design with a traditional touch. We are confident that the material and technology we used will gain trust and loyalty from the market.


Virofiber was launched in US that introduced our original fiber collection, Polypeel, Polystrap, and Polyrod. Afterwards, PT. Polymindo Permata has been developing new various fibers’ collection consistently. PT. Polymindo Permata worked with well-known designers on some occasions to release limited Virofiber’s collection.

PT. Polymindo Permata introduced Virobuild, a new division of Viro. The highlight products are: Thatch and reed roofing system named Virothatch and Viroreed, Wicker surface for walls and ceilings called Virosurface, Synthetic bamboo for decorative purposes is named Virobamboo and An outdoor thatch and reed umbrella named Viroumbrella.

PT. Polymindo Permata opened the second factory in the Taiwanese Investment Industrial District, which has been manufacturing our fibers for furniture purposes, to cut the distribution cost and reduce carbon footprint.

A new and one-of-a-kind product line from Virobuild. Archineering consists of completely-customizable building applications, using innovative techniques to ensure a unique product. Archineering is one of the architects’ favorite products because of its ability to work closely with creativity to imagine and build compelling decorative architectural elements. In 2015, Polymindo Permata also won Gold Award from The Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award as recognition of the excellence of companies that have been the most successful in continuously developing a stream of value-creating new products and services.

Our Value

our value

• Recyclable
Viro ensures that all products are recyclable products. We believe that recycling can help make a positive impact

• Strongly Durable
By producing products using the support of technology , Viro’ quality  is undoubtedly a matter of very strong product durability.

• Highly customizable
We will ensure that every product we produce can adjust to all the needs but still maintain its functional value.

• Eco Friendly
Viro also wants to take part in preserving nature by producing products that are environmentally friendly but still have better functions and durability.


Viro’s products use HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) as the primary material and source the raw material from a new 50/50 joint venture between RESIN and Compounding Technologies.

The ability to extrude the HDPE by design-assembling machine and machinery tooling allows us to design, create, and monitor the extrusion process from raw material, machine to the output. We design every modification of fibers profile, dimension, and specification by our design capability.

We encourage not only the development of material and product; the technicians also become our concern in order to optimize the technology using. PT. Polymindo Permata provides continuous improvement trainings for our setters, while the operators receive appropriate training and matrix flexibility monitoring to prepare them to be a good setter since PT. Polymindo Permata intends to draw a powerful line between craftsmanship and technology to full satisfaction of our customers.

We also innovate special treatment for some products as availability. We produce built-in fire retardant (FR) formulation, anti-slip formulation, anti-chlorine formulation, anti-microbial formulation, and more that is available to request by our customer.


Sustainable Materials

Championing a Sustainable Tomorrow
We stand firm in our dedication to crafting a future that’s not only sustainable but also kind to our planet. Our mission to lessen our ecological footprint leads us to embrace recycled content, materials poised for repurposing, and the natural power of biomass (plant-derived fibers) in our creations.
Sustainability transcends mere action; it’s a core value we embody. Our journey involves a relentless pursuit of green innovations, ensuring our offerings don’t just excel in quality and functionality but also align with eco-conscious values. Opting for our products and services means joining hands with a visionary ally on the path to a verdant, enduring tomorrow.

Giving Materials New Life
Aligned with our vision for a regenerative ecosystem, we’re pioneering the integration of recycled materials into our manufacturing narrative. We’re turning the tide against waste by breathing new life into what once was discarded, championing a cycle of renewal and mindful resource stewardship. This strategy isn’t just about conservation; it’s a proactive step towards diminishing the need for virgin raw materials and fostering a healthier planet.

Circular by Design
Our commitment to the planet starts at the very foundation of our product design—choosing materials that are ready to be reborn post-use. We’re weaving recyclability into the fabric of our production, aiming to fuel a circular economy that drastically cuts down on waste and curtails our ecological footprint. This initiative is more than an environmental gesture; it’s a call to action for mindful consumption and resource preservation.

Adopting Biomass to Reduce Our Carbon Impact: We’ve committed to utilizing renewable biomass resources, significantly decreasing the carbon footprint associated with our products.